Applying for your CTC is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding aspects of your coaching career. It involves dedication, reassessing your coaching skills, hurdles to jump. However, you don’t have to do this alone. 

Learn to drive real transformational change across the enterprise by learning to leverage a true coaching stance. Build your competency in professional coaching through our CTC mentoring program.   


This program comprises small group mentoring guided by Scrum Alliance® Certified Coaches. Join from anywhere in the world as each session is via zoom platform. You will share your pain points with others, coach and be coached and get feedback from your peers and your Coach

The CTC mentoring program comprises:

  • online videos created by Scrum Alliance® Certified Coaches
  • quizzes activities and coaching tools
  • live practice coaching sessions


The program contains five modules, including:

  • Professional Coaching
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Systems Coaching
  • Agile Scaling
  • Sustainability
  • Coaching Leaders

This is a 4-month program that meets once-a-week on Saturday Morning Eastern Time. The schedule also has several dates built-in for breaks, like holidays.

Throughout the course, you will have one-on-one coaching times, peer and coach review of your CTC application, priceless peer-to-peer feedback and coaching, and, of course, 3 months of detailed learning materials to broaden and deepen your agile coaching skills.

How do I Join?

There are limited spots for this cozy coaching and mentoring program.  We want you to be confident and comfortable with your commitment. If you’re on the fence or have questions, please email Kemmy Raji. It excites her to talk you through the program and answer all questions you may have.

Benefits of this program

  • Weekend sessions
  • No travel required
  • Improve your coaching skills and knowledge
  • Work towards your certification right in the comfort of home via zoom video conferencing 
  • Practice coaching approach- coach and be coached
  • Your Instructor has experience reviewing CTC applications as a Scrum Alliance CTC Reviewer
  • Get feedback on your CTC application.

We believe that real growth happens when we journey together. We ask powerful questions, have deep conversations and stick with you until you get it.

Small group learning

The programs are delivered in small groups, ensuring that no one gets lost in the crowd.

Click on the link to register for the next cohort.


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